Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In memory of Hannah Warren (2010 – 2013)

Hannah Genevieve Warren was born on August 22, 2010 at Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi Province (where her parents lived). When she was born she was blue. Doctors spent about five minutes resuscitating her. Hannah developed a bronchoesophageal fistula which enabled doctors to revive her after birth. Doctors inserted a tube through her esophagus and into her lungs and discovered she did not have a trachea. She was transferred to Seoul National Hospital. Hannah's esophagus often secretes mucous and the secretions sometimes flow towards her lungs, so her tube has to be suctioned every fifteen minutes, which is why she never left the hospital. Hannah often drains her own saliva onto the tube and into her lungs, basically drowning in her own saliva, and if the saliva wasn't suctioned, she would die. Hannah contracted pneumonia numerous times and was pulled out of many life threatening situations.

Dr. Mark Holterman (Children's Hospital of Illinois) first met Hannah on a business trip. He by chance went back to Seoul a 5 months later for a stem cell conference and met Hannah again. The second time he met the family in tears and they told him "we don't know what to do, our daughter is a prisoner in the hospital" and asked him to contact Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, which he promised to do when he gets back to Illinois. Dr. Macchiarini responded the very next day volunteering to help. Dr. Holterman arranged to have the surgery in Children's Hospital of Illinois. In early March 2013 they visited Seoul to do some final testing and found that Hannah had issues with her esophagus and four major arteries, which would further complicate the surgery, but they determined the transplant could proceed. They took stem cells from Hannah's hip bone. Hannah had her surgery on April 9th, not only receiving a new trachea, but an operation on her esophagus as well, and then was breathing through a tracheostomy tube. Hannah is being cared for by a team including pulmonologists, hematologists, intensivists, nurses, respiratory therapists, physical, occupational and speech therapists, and supportive services. On April 16 she was breathing on her own. On June 11, Hannah had  a second operation for a leak in her esophagus, and died on Saturday, July 6, 2013 of lung complications. Her native tissue was too fragile for the operation to work. "The trachea was never a problem," Dr. Macchiarini said. "It was her native tissue that was very fragile."
Hannah at Seoul National University Hospital –
Hannah getting presents from her older sister Dana –
Mark Holterman contacts Paolo Macchiarini –
Paolo arrives at Seoul National University Hospital –
Paolo Macchiarini meets Mark Holterman –
Paolo talks to Hannah (skip to 2:35 to see Paolo talking to Hannah) –
Paolo and Mark Holterman consulting the parents about the surgery –
Hannah Warren windpipe transplant bioreactor preparation –
Hannah arriving at Children's Hospital of Illinois –
Hannah meeting her Canadian grandparents –
Hannah's surgery (warning graphic) –
Hannah finishing operation –
2013 Children's Hospital of Illinois Telethon Miracle Child- Hannah Warren –
Child gets trachea made from own stem cells –
Girl, 2, makes medical history with stem cell surgery –
Girl has first ever stem cell trachea transplant –
Tributes to Hannah –
When will Hannah Receive Her New Trachea? When will Hannah Receive Her New Trachea?
Young Girl Receives Lifesaving Windpipe Transplant Made From Her Stem Cells –
Hannah Warren, first child to receive windpipe made from stem cells, dies –
Raising glasses to help baby Hannah –
Little Hannah Warren waiting on groundbreaking windpipe transplant surgery –
Stem cell windpipe gives Korean toddler new life –
Girl given stem cell windpipe dies –
Help Hannah Breathe (fundraiser for surgery) –
Hannah’s Story Children’s hospital of Illinois –
Trachea Transplant at Children's Hospital of Illinois Gives Korean Toddler New Windpipe –
Two-Year Old Girl Receives Man-made Trachea Implant in First-of-its-Kind Surgery –
Young Girl Given Bioengineered Windpipe Dies –

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